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Club Background
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Hudson Valley Miata Club, Inc

Membership Requirements

1. To become a member you must attend two Hudson Valley Miata Club events in one season. An event is anything from one of our dinner meetings in the winter to a breakfast and a ride during the regular season. 

2. Once you're a member, you'll always be a member, however, to maintain member in good standing status, which enables you to enjoy club discounts, you must attend at least one HVMC event per season. 

3. We, the founders, reserve the right to revoke the membership of any member, who, in our judgment, while in the capacity of representing the Hudson Valley Miata Club, willfully and/or with malice, creates disharmony within the membership or whos actions are deemed unprofessional and/or detrimental to the clubs mission.

 Loss of membership will result in deletion from any email distribution lists, ineligibility for club discounts and cancellation of membership card number. 

Notification of loss of membership will come via email and/or hard copy. 

We reserve the right to amend these rules in the future if necessary.

History of Our Club

The Hudson Valley Miata Club was formed in 1997 by Frank & Joan Ferreira. They are still active in the running of the club.

 We are a very informal club with few rules and at this time, there are no dues for membership. We are basically a ride & eat club we meet for breakfast and then go for a ride or we drive somewhere and then get lunch, although we do have some organized events on the calendar. 

Most communication is accomplished through email, including upcoming/impromptu events. To be added to our email distribution list, please email Frank at

Club Officers

N O N E ! :)


Our Fall Foliage Ride - 10/02